Cash Flow Forecast "No Data" Error

Hi @jono,

I just started using the Cash Flow Forecast template. I entered some information but it still says “No data”. I’m not sure what the issue is. Also, for some reason I can’t upload a screenshot of my template. When I try, the error message states “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

Hi @ernstlevy1 ,
Where does it say “No data”? In the chart section?

Sometimes “no data” shows up in charts if the data used to make the chart is in a hidden column. To fix, you have to allow the chart to include the hidden data.

Try un-hiding the hidden column in the chart.
(Click on the triangle next to the Column letter in the right-most column. That will open the hidden columns.)

Does that solve it?
If so, you can select the formerly hidden columns and then right-click to hide them again. You might get a message saying something like “include hidden columns in the chart?” and say yes.

If that didn’t solve it, look in the hidden column section to see if there are any error messages. Hidden column AF, starting in row 24, should show the correct columns for your Categories sheet. Is that the case?


I unhid the columns and it seems to work now. Thanks a lot!


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When I try to insert a row above or below a life event, amounts on the sheet change. Is that supposed to happen?

Hi @ernstlevy1 ,
The Cash Flow Forecast will not work correctly if you insert rows. There are formulas in the hidden part of the sheet that could break if rows are inserted or deleted.

You can add and overwrite any cells with a green background with your data. Just don’t insert rows.

If you need to restore the sheet and start fresh, you can do that with the Tiller Money Labs add-on.