Categorizing Transactions for EACH Worksheet?

I currently have two spreadsheet templates:

  1. Tiller Foundation
  2. Envelope Budgeting

I find it time-consuming to categorize each transaction twice (two spreadsheets). Am I doing something wrong?

Do most users find 1 spreadsheet sufficient?


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@justin. I agree, it can be time consuming to update each spreadsheet. I’ve been using the Foundation Template so far this year but as we approach the midpoint of 2020, I have begun to try the Envelope Budget to see if it is a better fit. So for the month of June I have been doubling up on transaction categorization in both templates. Each template has it’s pros and cons… I certainly find that the Foundation template is less cumbersome. I definitely feel that only one template is sufficient for my needs. Curios to hear other folks feedback.

You can use the IMPORTRANGE function to pull your whole transaction sheet from one file to the other. You just need to keep the categories sheets in sync manually, but only have to assign categories once.


You’re right - each template does have it’s pros and cons.