Category Names That Can Be Interpreted as a URL Are Listed Twice on Savings Budget Tab

Like the subject says. A category named will be repeated, but renaming to Amazondotcom is listed only once. Also interesting, will only be listed once, but will again be listed twice. Maybe it is an escaping issue?

I could not duplicate that on Chrome. Did it appear twice in a row?

What were your other settings for the Category?

Thanks for taking a look, @aronos!

Yes, it appears twice in a row.

Here are the first 5 columns of the Categories row. There is $1.00 in the budget column for the month and all other budget columns are blank.

This is the corresponding transaction.

I created a fresh copy of the spreadsheet as well and was able to reproduce the issue.

Ah, once I added a transaction I experienced that as well.


It doesn’t recognize the Category as a match in the Transactions sheet (don’t see that warning on yours for some reason) so I suspect that it’s from the extra data that make the text clickable. Once I removed the link from my Categories sheet the duplicate line in the Savings Budget disappeared.

cc: @randy

I had actually tried unlinking the category name, both on the Categories tab and the Transactions tab, but it had no effect. The only way I’ve managed to remove the duplicate is by changing the actual text to something not interpretable as a URL.

That is peculiar! As soon as I unlinked the text in Catagories and switched back to Savings Budget, the duplicate line was gone in mine.

I know, right? I’ve done unlinks on every cell in the Savings Budget, Transactions, and Categories tabs, refreshed the solution multiple times, as well as started fresh templates, but the behavior persists.

Looking at the hidden columns, the first point at which the category is duplicated is when the Integrated Categories are compiled beginning with Z6:Z with the formula ={L6;sort(unique({L7:L;O7:O;R7:R}))}. This is supposed to get a distinct list of categories from the Actuals Prior to Period, Actuals in Period, and Budgets Prior to Period sections. It seems to be tripping up on the possibility of being interpreted as a URL, regardless of whether or not it is configured as a hyperlink.

I can reproduce the issue, @cculber2 & @aronos, but I don’t have a solution.
I don’t think the issue is the in-sheet formulas. I think it is an issue with the spreadsheet client.

If you find a solution that strips off applied links, I’d be happy to roll that into the formulas in the master. (A quick search turned up no answers for me.)

It feels like the problem can be avoided by not naming categories with URLs.
Must we tempt fate? :man_shrugging:

I’m not seeing any obvious solutions, either, @randy. It seems Google Docs has the ability to disable automatic hyperlinks at the document level, but there is no analog for that setting in Google Sheets.

Naturally, I changed the one offending category name to * dot com to prevent the issue, I was just hoping to find a clean resolution rather than a workaround, especially after all of the head-scratching. Thanks, Google! :roll_eyes:

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Yes. They’ve boxed us in… and unnecessarily.

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