Savings Budget shows income row twice when category is defined only once

On my Savings budget, an income category named “Transfer from Savings” is showing up twice and throwing off the totals, while that category is defined only once.

I have already tried a Restore Template and it restored with the same issue.

That is strange. I haven’t seen that. There are no special characters in one of those category names? And the actual is anchored off the same singular transaction?

Can you unhide the area off to the right and share a screenshot of the type-group-category indices and see if the category name is shown twice in THAT table?

Hi @randy , thanks for your reply. Here’s the screenshot of that section. It looks like it is also duplicated in that table. There are no special characters in the category name. I don’t know what you mean by “the actual is anchored off the same singular transaction”, but the actuals shown in that table as the same amount on both rows and they correspond to the total of the amount of the transactions for that category in the selected period.

I fixed it by creating a new category name and assigning those transactions to the new category instead. The new one only shows up once so I could then delete the old category. After I did that, everything looks fine.