Duplicated line on savings budget sheet

On my savings budget tab my gifts category is ducplicate but one entry the g is capitalized and on one it isn’t. This is throwing off my ability to zero base budget. When I delete the duplicate row I lose all of my progress bars. What can I do to fix this? Also if it try to remove the budget from the duplicate line nothing happens.

And if you look on your Categories sheet, there isn’t a gifts and a Gifts? The Savings Budget pulls the categories from the Categories sheet, so I’m not sure how else it would get there. I would not delete rows from the Savings Budget to try to solve this since, again, the Savings Budget is just a product of information provided elsewhere.

No just the one Gifts category

Well, that’s just weird, and I’m not quite sure how it would happen. The categories on the Savings Budget come from the Categories sheet. Hopefully, somebody else can solve this riddle.

Does the lower case gifts exist on the Transactions sheet?


There was. I recategorized it as the capital g Gifts and that fixed the problem. Thank you!