Category Rollup Report Workflow Question: Rename Old Version

I have a question about the Category Rollup Report workflow from Tiller Money Labs.

I tried to create a report for December 2020. It then says, you already have a report named this, do you want to overwrite it. The only option then is OK, overwrite it, or “cancel.” How do I rename the new report?

Based on what I see in other areas, you need to rename the old one.

That’s what I was asking; I don’t see any option presented for how to name the new report I am trying to create. It just says “ok” to overwrite the existing one, or “cancel.” No other option.

You are asking how to name the new report as it is being created. You cannot select a name. The system uses a default name. So, the old report is out there with the default name. If you want to keep that old report, then you need to rename it. If not, then it is fine to overwrite it.
Create the new report. Then if you want to keep it, change the default name that it has to a new name.

Hi Blake,
thanks for your help. I was having difficulty finding where the old report was. but now, I’ve found that tab and also figured out how to rename it, so I should have no more problem with this.

thanks again,