Category Schedule template question

I’m having a problem linking the Category Schedule rollup to the Category Sheet. I’m pasting the formula into the monthly category cells in the category sheet but I’m getting a formula parse error.

Hi @dleon6690:

I am sorry for the problem you’re having. There could be a few reasons for this.

Take a look at the formula in the cell returning the error and see if it looks exactly like this: (Or, better, copy the formula below and try pasting it in the Jan, 2022 cell of the category line you’re scheduling.)

=iferror(offset(‘Category Schedule’!$G$5,match(offset($A$1,row()-1,match(“Category”,$A$1:$1,0)-1),‘Category Schedule’!$A$5:$A$15,0)-1,match(offset($A$1,0,column()-1),‘Category Schedule’!$G$5:$5,0)-1),0)

When I get an error like that, it is a signal the syntax of the formula is not what is expected.
Let me know…

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your quick response. I was able to get the formula to work in my Auto & Fuel Category, but it’s not working in the Housing category. For some reason it’s pasting into the next row along with the formatting. I’ve attached screenshots of the two category cells.

Hi @dleon6690:

Great work!

I don’t see the screenshots. (Am I missing these? Those would be helpful.) In the meantime, try this: Select a cell with a working formula, right click and copy. Then, moving to another category row with scheduled items, select its Jan, 2020 cell, right-click, and paste special: formula only, and see if that works.

(The good news is the formula is working…just a few tweaks to get it seated into your sheet.)

I got it working just before I read your email. Not sure what I’m doing differently, except when I’m copying the formula I’m using ctrl-c instead of right clicking. Oh, and also I think I’ve been left clicking onto the formula text in the pop-up box before highlighting it. Maybe I’ve been selecting the underlying cell instead of just the formula??

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Great work.@dleon6690. Glad you’ve got it working.