Change x and y axis of graph

I’m using the simple business dashboard and I wanted to create a graph at the category level. how do you remap the group: food to a slicer that can chose multiple categories.

Most of the queries that drive those charts are in a hidden area over to the right. You can find the formulas that are creating the chart data and modify them, @ctlee.

I was able to looking into it to change somethings but still couldn’t really get what I needed, Ie I think the data pull is good, but trying to read the indirect and regmatch formals for how the group focus data in column AA to AC is pulled. So I can figure out how to do it for categories to see more details.
Main reason for this is in the good graph above I don’t know what transactions or amount in each categories made up the group in that month. in excel I could double click if it’s a specific graph or pivot table and it would list the transactions. Is there something similar for google sheets.