Simple business dashboard issue

in the category focus bar graph is it possible to change it to groups? I noticed that the drop down pulls from the AM column is pulling from AY column. do i just put the ref to the category to the group instead?
Also, below: column there’s a # value error, even from a fresh download, how would was there a fix?

@randy might be able to help with your question on changing to group. Regarding your 2nd question, you can try restoring your template.

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For the value error, i’ve tried both going back to a previous version and reinstalling the sheet, as well as restoring as you’ve suggested, but the value error persists.

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It looks like the formula in AA18 is referencing the dropdown value in Q16. What is happening in your sheet in cell Q16?

Here is what I have there:

That dropdown is populated from ='Business Dashboard'!$AM$2:$AM. What is going on in your sheet there?

Ahh interesting in cells AA18 It’s the formula =ifs(or(iferror(find("Income: ",Q16)=1,false),iferror(find("Expense: ",Q16)=1,false),iferror(find("Transfer: “,Q16)=1,false)),split(Q16,”: ",false),iferror(find("Group: ",Q16)=1,false),“Group”,true,Q16)

I’ve tried changing it to ='Business Dashboard'!$AM$2:$AM and that pulls a value but it doesn’t populate as I shift the visible selectors.

Looks like the issue with the #value is that there was no value to pull thus it errored out. As i was playing with the category list trying to change it to just a group list, and picked something that has values it fixed it. but still tinkering with it to show the groups vs categories

Seems like I was able to change it by taking the formula in cell AM2 and removing the first part and keeping ={sort(unique(filter(“Group: “&indirect(BB3),indirect(BB6)<>“Hide”,indirect(BB5)<>””)),1,false)}
HOpefuly that doesn’t break anything