Small Business Dashboard Question

I’m new to Tiller but long time personal finance geek. Loving Tiller and the flexibility thus far. A question about the “small business dashboard.”

Is it just me or does having bottom right two graphs by “category group” throw the usefulness of the visualization off? Maybe I am not using my “category groups” correct but they are the same that I’ve used in other budgeting software/spreadsheets.

For the Income by Category Group – my categories are set up so that I have 1 group called “income” and 4 different categories to break out the details, however, I can’t see that picture in the SMB Dashboard because it’s by Category Group.

Similarly, Expense by category group – my categories are set up so that I have 2 groups but 25+ different categories that breaks out the details. The SMB Dashboard only shows me the 2 groups which isn’t that useful.

What gives? What am I missing here? :slight_smile:


See attached. B

Thanks for sharing @Blake. I can see how having groups when you have 300+ categories would be helpful. I will have to take a look at re-evaluating my categories and seeing if I might want to break them out further. I appreciate the input. Thanks again.

:wave:, @MHCS16!

I’ve never found those graphs by Group very useful either. I think for some businesses they are handy as you would have income from different sources and those might be your groups - but for small businesses it might just be a single product, etc.

Anywho, you could add a Feature Request for those to be configurable to review either Group OR category over here.

I would tag it with “labs-addon” so that team can find it :wink:



Totally agree @heather. Our business is a SMB so don’t have the various sources as you pointed out so having an option to choose by category or category group would make it useful for both use cases. I will submit a feature request (hopefully, I do that correctly). :slight_smile:

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