"KISS" Category and Group Lists from Community Members

Hello, I apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t seem to find anything on it. I’m a new user to Tiller and am trying to KISS (keep it simple stupid) with my Categories and Groups. I’ve used other software before for tracking my expenses and I always seem to get too complicated with the number of categories I use. I do like the Group feature in Tiller as it may also help me have a higher level look at my categories in a way that is more actionable.

Between my wife and I, I am the one mainly tracking individual expenses and categorizing them. I’d like to be able to have a spreadsheet that is easy to show to my wife and actionable on both our parts. The main challenge with this is having too many categories to digest at once. Ideally, I’d like to have 5 or fewer categories or maybe groups since it’s an option in Tiller that tell us both our fixed and variable expenses as well as necessities vs a wants. I’d also prefer not to have to split out transactions that come in although this will probably be a bit challenging for purchases from Target and Amazon where things like personal care, household, clothing, kids stuff, etc would all get lumped in. Any unique approaches that someone has taken with these without having to take the time to split out transactions would be appreciated?

With all this said, I’m also wondering if anyone would be willing to share a snapshot of their categories and groups to help give me some ideas. I’ve played around with the Tiller defaults and some categories I’ve personally used in other software, but I’m hoping some examples from the community might help me think outside the box.

Here’s a long thread with a discussion about categories: For those who don’t “over track” expenses but have a good system, care to share your Group/Categories? - Discussion - Tiller Community (tillerhq.com)

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