Credit One not being added

So I hope I am posting this correctly. I’ve been using Tiller for a few days now and really like it so far. My issue right now is that while trying to add my husband’s Credit One Bank credit card account to the account summery section, it keeps throwing errors.

I got this one after adding in the login info but before it asks where I want the verification code to go, and this one:

Came up after I was able to send a code and enter it.

I just want to make sure that this is one of the “Account not working, wait a few days” issues I’ve been seeing here or if this is one of the banks that you have to add manually to the sheet?

Its not a big deal if I have to manually add the transactions, this card isn’t used much but having one less thing I have to do after re-starting my sheet three times, would be great.


@akline1478 ,

If you’re still not able to successfully connect this account, and you’ve been trying for at least 6 days, please reach out to our team via the chat tool in the lower right corner on the Console at