Date format for Non-US customers

Hello… have been trialling out Tiller, and loving it so far. However, there is one area of concern - it is difficult for the non-US customers to interpret the date format. Is this thread still valid to change the date format, without breaking anything?

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Not sure how the template is handling dates, but I know I and others have stumbled across a few issues related to time. I think the first thing you should look at is your spreadsheet time zone and locale settings. Check out this article which talks more about it. I would first be sure your spreadsheet is using the proper locale and time zone. Then, if there are problems, look deeper into altering the formulas.

I’m glad to hear the feeds service is working for you, @vijay.

At this time, though I realize it is a compromise, the safest approach is to use the standard US date formatting.

Unfortunately, some of our published templates and Tiller Money Labs workflows are hardcoded around mm/dd/yyyy formatting due to our focus on US customers. You may find that many templates and workflows do work with alternate formats but I know for certain some won’t and I can’t tell you which ones are not compatible.

While our focus remains customers within the US, updating the templates and workflows with this date-format limitation is important work to better supporting international customers.