Non US date best solution

I have read the previous posts about possible solutions for non US date formats. I don’t seem to find anything specifically addressing my issue. When Tiller fills my google transactions in google sheets it is doing so from my non us bank statement which has a day/month/year format. So when there is a day of the month smaller than the month number, it swaps the day and the month. Anyway to fix this?

@hyman - a couple things to check.

  1. Please make sure you did not change the locale settings under the File menu > Spreadsheet settings to something other than United States.
  2. Make sure you format the column as mm/dd/yyyy

If it is reading from a statement and that’s how they’re being displayed on the statement and being pulled into our system, I’m not sure there is more we can do, but if the above doesn’t help, please reach (back?) out to support and send us some transaction IDs (hidden column out right usually) for examples where the dates are getting messed up.


Hi Heather,
The best solution I could come up with, and maybe this can help others as well, is to make another column next to the key column, following Tiller’s instructions on how to make a timestamp for new entries. I changed this to a date stamp and set my Tiller sheet settings to fetch new transactions every day. Now, when Tiller adds new transactions, a correct date is added to this new column.
Thank you