How to change international date format to U.S. format


When filling in transactions from my one foreign connected account, Tiller automatically reverses the day/month to month/day as per U.S. usage. But now I’ve copied over the transactions from an unconnected foreign account, and the international date format is still there of course, i.e. 25/1/2021 instead of 1/25/2021. Is anyone aware of a way to automatically switch the day/month positions, or will I have to do this all manually?

Did you try switching the format of the date column on the transaction sheet to "dd-mmm-yyyy’ (eg: 13-Jul-2022)? This format is universal, whereas the 7/13/2022 format is not and can cause problems. I do not have foreign transactions coming in, but there are others who do who have used this in the Excel-based Zero-Based-Budget sheet (that utilizes the Tiller data feeds) successfully. If you keep both sheets with the same dd-mmm-yyyy format you should not have problems copying transactions between them. Good luck… I would be interested in the result if you try this.

Thanks for that idea; that worked. A couple things I discovered:

I’d already copied the foreign transaction over to the main spreadsheet so the dates were all mixed up, and it didn’t work to change the format all in one go. I had to delete the foreign transactions, change the date format on the main spreadsheet to the international format, and then do the same on the original foreign transaction spreadsheet before copying them back over to the main spreadsheet. Then I had everything on my sheet in the international format and it all looked good.

However, when I tried to run a Category Rollup Report I got an error message saying “No transactions meet the filter criteria.” So I went back and switched the date format back to U.S. format, and then I was able to run the report.
Really too bad this is necessary because I find the international format much easier to read and get confused with the U.S. format, but ok, this tool is heavily U.S. focused (unfortunately).

In any case the intermediate step of changing everything first to the international dd-mmm-yyyy format - in the two separate sheets - was necessary before switching everything back to U.S. format because that put all the transactions in the same format rather than having some that were say 7/26/2022 and some that were 26/7/2022. And then once they’re back in U.S. format the Category Rollup Report will work. Thanks!

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