Docs: Net Worth Tracker (Excel)

What is the Net Worth Tracker?

The Net Worth Tracker allows you to visualize your total net worth as well as trends over a customizable time period. The net-worth template has been one of our most popular in Google Sheets for years. Now it is available for Microsoft Excel.

How To Install the Worksheet

  1. Confirm that you have Excel Tables implemented in your workbook.
  2. Download the workbook containing the Net Worth Tracker v0.94 to your local hard drive.
  3. Follow these instructions to copy the downloaded template into your Excel workbook and to connect the formula references to your local workbook data.

Customizing the Net Worth Tracker

You can further customize your Net Worth Tracker by applying groups to your Accounts.

  1. Open the Accounts sheet
  2. Use the dropdown list in Column A to choose an account you’d like to assign to a group.
  3. Enter a custom Group name for each account you select.
  4. Use the Hide column to hide any accounts you do not want displayed on your Tiller dashboards.


  • v0.94 on September 19, 2022: Fixed Balance History sheet column order dependency
  • v0.93 on September 2, 2022: Improved account lookup precision (flagged by MikeB)
  • v0.92 on September 2, 2022: Implemented custom date range via dropdown (flagged by adekunledauda)
  • v0.91 on September 1, 2022: Fixed issue with balance on last day of month (flagged by Y10der)
  • v0.90 on August 24, 2022: Initial release

@randy - This sheet is fantastic! Last piece that was missing in my day to day tracking for the excel environment. One thing I noticed when importing my google sheets data is that the balances were just a bit off. I think I got it by adjusting the Filter function in columns AF:AQ where balance history date < EOMONTH. I was showing the balances from a day or two before the end of the month, rather than the true EOM date, so I made the comparison ‘<=’, which looks to have resolved it for me.

I could be wrong, I’ve only been working in the sheet for about 30 minutes!

Thanks for letting me know, @Y10der. Just published an update.

How does the custom date works? Overwrite the formula in cell B12 or Cell R2 and R3?

I am trying to download the Net Worth Sheet but the instructions here point to the category tracker. What am I missing?

Similar issue… but if you click on the Category Tracker it willl download v0.90 of the Net worth Tracker, although v0.91 is the latest…

Good catch, @adekunledauda. That custom dates are not implemented (despite the dropdown). I will have a look at that today.

Net Worth Excel version
I had 2 accounts with the same name but different account numbers. Balances handled this ok, but Net Worth had the same amount for both accounts - ie it had pulled the value from 1 account and propagated it to both accounts. I changed the account names on the Tiller Console to be unique and now Net Worth is correct.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Just published version 0.93 which addresses the custom range bug, @adekunledauda, and the matching account name bug, @MikeB. Let me know what you think.

Have a good long weekend, everyone!

Thanks, this is a handy sheet

I’m new to Tiller. I’ve downloaded the Net Worth Excel template and followed the directions in the blog. The template does not update. I have a blank fields when I’ve copied the sheet to the Tiller Money sheet. When I first download the Net Worth template, the fields are populated. After I move or copy it to the Tiller sheet, the cells don’t populate.
I hope I’ve explained this well enough. Can anyone give me some suggested remedies? Thanks!

BTW I had to Unhide the Accounts and Balance History worksheets in the Net Worth template before I was able to move the Net Worth worksheet into my spreadsheet. I am using Excel 365.

That’s strange, @mntom. If you can unhide the columns on the right of the Net Worth template in your sheet, you should see some hidden calculations that fill into the main area. I’d poke around in there. See if the cells are filling with account names & balances by month. See if there are any broken links or references to the (external) original template you downloaded.

Tankyou @randy for taking the time to develop this.
I have been waiting for the NW tracker for Excel for ages!!

I have not been able to make it work, though.
I made a fresh sheet to make sure I did not mess anything, and then moved the NW tab from the v.93 sheet to that new sheet as per the instructions.

I can only see the name of my accounts in colmn A but no data.

Any ideas?

Thanks again for putting so much time into this

Same here. First of all, thanks for putting this together, @randy .

I too cannot get the balances to fill-in. I’m a pretty advanced Excel user, but this has me stumped. Is there any info you need from me to help diagnose?

I too downloaded the Net Worth spreadsheet. Followed the directions and have not see any data populate. When it came up blank, I looked at the hidden columns first and my Accounts/Class/Groups were all correct. I validated my source links to the existing workbook was also correct. I may try to repeat the steps and see if it results differently. I do have V 0.9 so I’ll see if downloading V 0.93 gets it going.

Definitely try again with the newest version, @jfhitchcock07.

In the downloaded template master, you can see that the hidden area (to the right) on the worksheet is filled in like this:

Are you saying all the data fills in your copy except the balances that start in AG? Or are there empty cells in the other areas (starting with P)?

Sorry everyone and thanks for your patience. We will get this figured out.

Hi @randy - so I downloaded v0.93 and the same persists on my end.

In column AG, I have no account totals. One thing I noticed, and not sure if this is playing a role or not, but I save my Excel workbook in Microsoft OneDrive as opposed to locally in a file folder on the Mac. When opening it says, “This workbook contains links to one or more sources that could be unsafe. If you trust them, update them…”. I click Update and the next error - “Can’t Open File. Sorry we couldn’t find…” (insert file path)…Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted".

The file had not been moved from MS OneDrive. I click okay - “Microsoft Excel cannot access the file (insert file path)…File path doesn’t exist”. Click okay, and the file opens. :thinking:

I’m stumped.

In AG7, the formula should look like this:
=IF(OR(INDEX($AA$7#,,1)="",AG2="",EOMONTH(TODAY(),0)+1<=AG$2),"",LET(tablesortedbydate,CHOOSECOLS(SORT(FILTER(BalanceHistory[[Date]:[Account ID]],BalanceHistory[Date]<=EOMONTH(AG2,0),""),1,-1),COLUMN(BalanceHistory[Date]),COLUMN(BalanceHistory[Account ID]),COLUMN(BalanceHistory[Balance])),IFERROR(INDEX(tablesortedbydate,MATCH(INDEX($AA$7#,,1),INDEX(tablesortedbydate,,2),0),3),"")))

Is it possible that your formula still has external paths in it? I.e. because the Change Source step in the install instructions did not execute properly?