Balances Tab Manipulation

Is there a way to manipulate the Balances tab so that I can see my net worth on a given date in the past, maybe at cell B3 or by getting into the hidden columns on the right?


Have you checked out the Net Worth Tracker sheet you can install via Tiller Labs?

That’s the closest thing that’s currently out there. Otherwise, a custom build out of net worth on a specific date is feasible. I’d add a feature request if the Net Worth Tracker doesn’t do the trick.

Hi @Blake,
I echo @heather 's comment about checking out the Net Worth Tracker.

The Balances sheet pulls its info from the Accounts sheet. And the Accounts sheet only has the latest balance info. The Account sheet pulls its data from Balance History where each date is stored.

So I don’t think there is a quick way to adjust Balances sheet to do what you are asking.

Yes, I am very familiar with that NW tab but I am still looking for a tool that I can select a day. Thanks.