Net Worth Tracker Sheet Revised to Work With Groups

Tiller Labs has updated and improved the Net Worth sheet so it now works with Groups.

To get the new sheet, go to the Tiller Labs add-on -> View solutions. If you have a prior version of the sheet, select Manage Solutions, then select Net Worth and upgrade.

If you don’t already have the sheet and want to get it, select Add a Solution instead of Manage Solutions.

Very little, if any, set-up is required to use the sheet. By default, the sheet will work using Today as the End Date. It will show Net Work by Month, but other options are possible from the dropbox in H5.

The sheet provides a graphic as well as a tabular view of your Net Worth by Account.

There are 3 hidden options to further customize your sheet in the hidden section of the sheet. If you don’t want blank rows between Groups, you can set Use Blank Rows to No in V3. Instead of grouping by Groups, you can group by Type in V4. And you can decide to hide Groups (or Types) by setting Show Groups to No in V5.

Let us know your feedback and if there are any additional features you would like.


I just updated to the new version. I did not think it would be a big deal but I love it.

Question - Can the green row, row 5 in my tab, be reprogrammed easily to allow me to search for my net worth by day?



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Please explain end date. I do not understand.

Hi @Blake,
I’m glad to hear you love the new Net Worth sheet. I think its pretty cool and useful too.

When publishing this sheet, I thought of your earlier request for a Net Worth by selectable date. This sheet won’t be able to give you that answer with a quick modification. I think parts of these sheet could help make it happen, but there it would need some work.

If I was revising it, i would make the Date in E5 the date to generate account balance results in hidden table AH to AT. You would only need to generate one column, I assume, just for the selected date. Since not every account updates every day, the formula would have to get the most recent account balance on or before the date selected.

The date calculations were not changed from the earlier version of the sheet. And they are set to look for the Net Worth at the end of the month. So even if you change E5 to a new date within the month, it will use the end of month calculation. You can pick a different end month, but picking a day within the month won’t change the results.

Apart from writing the formula, does that help?

Fantastic, love it! The only change I make is to remove Proper from the account because it changes it from what I’ve configured on, I’ve configured the Name in Account Summary exactly as I want them. Easy modifications. I love the groups! It’s amazing. Thank you

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Jon: Still not sure what end date means. It is too much over my head to go in and redesign the sheet to calculate net worth by day. I already have another sheet that calculates it by day but it is to buggy and is not consistent and reliable so that is why I am looking for another way to do it. Thanks, Blake

Understood. I’ve got some other project on deck, but I will try to get to Net Worth by Date. I’d probably build it with 2 date selectors, so you could see Net Worth changes. But it would also work with 1 date.

Thank you very much. I think others might like it too. Thanks, Blake

Hi @Blake and others in this thread,

There is now a NEW Net Worth Snapshot sheet available in the Tiller Labs Add-on that will let you get your Net Worth for any date. Also, you can compare any two dates.

More details coming about it soon, but you can get it now.


I just loaded it. Pretty sweet. I like custom and custom for the dates. Thanks for doing this. I think, and hope, other users like it too.




Here’s some more info about the new Net Worth Snapshot sheet that shows net work on a single day or compares two dates.

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