End of month balances

I’m moving to tiller from mint and a separate manual spreadsheet. One thing I have always tracked in my manual spreadsheet was end of month balances and totals of various account tuoes. I am wondering if anyone could provide some feedback on how to automate this process somewhat or completely with tiller. I’m hoping it could be programmed once in a new sheet and then populate automatically?

Checking 1 eom balance
Checking 2 eom balance
Savings 1 eom balance
Total cash balances (Sum of the accounts above)

Retirement 1 balance
Retirement 2 balance
Retirement 3 balance
Sum of retirement accounts

@joshmccormackpt, I think you might like the new Net Worth Snapshot template as it accomplishes exactly what you are asking for. However, you might like the regular Net Worth template better because with it you can see 12 monthly Net Worth calculations all on one page. Either way, both templates are good tools to have in your toolbox. Enjoy. Blake

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:wave:, @joshmccormackpt!

The tricky piece with end of month balances with Tiller is that if we can’t connect to your account on the last day of the month (perhaps because of the bank security settings you have turned on) we won’t be able to automatically pull a balance that day. You’d need to visit the Tiller Console to refresh your accounts at the end of the month each month or you can manually add the EOM balances.

The Net Worth Tracker in Tiller Labs offers the option to choose your end date for the reporting. So if you chose 12/31/2019 you should see EOM balance for all accounts linked to that sheet for all of 2019 if the data is available.