Tiller Labs Roundup: 11/21/19 - Net Worth Snapshot template

Our Tiller Labs team is working to keep you efficient, inspired, and enabled with financial templates, tools and workflows.

In case you missed it, our own @jonorlin snuck a new template into the Tiller Labs add-on last week…

Net Worth Snapshot

At the request of some of our customers, we published a new net-worth template that is simplified for monitoring and for comparisons. The new sheet shows your Net Worth either on a single user-input day or can run a side by side account-by-account comparison across two user-input dates.

Consider taking the new Net Worth Snapshot for a spin. It is easy to install using the Tiller Labs add-on.


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Yes, I was one of those requesting customers.

Here is how I have used the new template. I have been tracking in Excel all the 12-31-xx balances in all of my retirement accounts since 1993. I know, call me crazy. That amounts to about 5-10 numbers per year that took me about 5-10 minutes each year to maintain. Over the last few days, I have entered all this data into the Balance History tab. Although there is more to my yearly net worth than just these retirement accounts, the new template allows me to quickly compare all of my retirement account balances for two dates. Not something I intend to use a lot, but it was worth the time investment and it is nice to see how my retirement accounts have changed over the years.


Hi @Blake,
Yes we built that for you and some other customers. I wanted it for me too.

Thanks for sharing your use case.

You might consider adding an annual % change column.

You could get the number of years from start to finish using =DATEDIF(D8,E8,"Y")

Then adjust or add a new % Change formula that divides by the number of years.