Dynamically updating Category Rollup?

Is there a version of the category rollup that live updates?

@chandan.hebbale I’m not sure what you mean by “live updates”. The Category Rollup should reflect the latest transactions that have been categorized in your spreadsheet. Can you provide a bit more detail on what you mean by " live updates".


The closest thing would be the Category Tracker that’s in the Labs add-on.

@cculber2 released a modified version of this which you can learn more about here:

@warren the Category Rollup report is static meaning that it doesn’t update when transactions are updated/categorized unless you re-run the report using the Labs add-on. Category Tracker is dynamic meaning it’s always “live” and updates as new transaction data is categorized or changes.

The drawback of dynamic reports/dashboards is that they require a lot of formulas and are very processor intensive often causing sheets to load up slowly when there are many of them. Static reports are more performant because they don’t have any formulas, they’re the output of the data at the time the report was generated.

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