eBay Sales Payments

Anyone figured out how to manage eBay Sales Payments? I would think it would be treated just like PayPal since eBay is just another financial institution. Is Tiller planning to add eBay as another account?

The account offerings come from the third-party aggregator. If an institution is not available you can manage it as a manual account for now.

Yeah but this is not easily done with daily Balance History for this manual account… how do we get the “third-party aggregator” to include eBay as an option?

Interesting question, @al1.

As @aronos said, our data feeds are captured from our data aggregator, Yodlee. At this time, Yodlee does not provide any data capture from Ebay.

This leaves us with either manual entry or developing a CSV workflow.

Unfortunately, Ebay appears to be pretty lame in terms of providing data in an accessible & computer-parseable format.

I peeked at my account just now and clicked on Request your eBay data. Looks like it may take a few days to process the request. Will let you know once the data arrives if it looks like it could be integrated into the CSV Line Item Importer.

eBay out here living that 1995 lifestyle :neutral_face:

Yes. Ebay and Paypal both were real innovators and thought leaders and now they seem to be coasting on their early 2000’s tech and insights… :slightly_frowning_face:

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I am working on a workflow for all eBay data detail. I’ll report back in a couple of days… It’s not very clean with all the eBay reports. I gotta get my ducks in a row for my accountant.

Super cool. Let me know what you do, @al1.

It took about 10 days to receive the report, @al1, but I finally got my eBay data. The output is oddly in an HTML format (had hoped for CSV) so it would take a little extra work to extract the data.

The sellingHistory.html and purchaseHistory.html reports look pretty useful. I found some HTML-table-to-CSV parsers online and they were able to render the data as CSV files with just a few clicks. In the short term, you could try using the Google Sheets Import function to integrate this data into your workflow.