Etrade wrong balance being inserted way off beginning 3/26/2024

I’ve been using Tiller for (4) months coming from 30+ years of using Quicken.
I’ve worked through various issues and have learned to be patient as many issues resolve themselves after a few days.

This is specific to etrade where the balance is off by a significant amount starting a few days ago.

When I manually refresh from the site the save/close has the correct balance. This tells me the balance is correct at Yodlee. But, when I look at the hidden tab in my gSheet it’s way office beginning 3/26/2024.

The new incorrect balance does change a modest amount each day beginning 3/26/20204.

I would appreciate any advice. I have a support discussion going with TIller support which has been superb, but they’re just getting started.

Thank you

Hmmm that’s interesting, you’re on the right track with support to let them take a look. I just checked my E*Trade account and it seems to be correct so at least for my account nothing seems to be universally incorrect, just to add as a data point.

well as expected eTrade has begun correctly reporting the correct balance as of today.
My question now is should I remove the invalid entries from the hidden Balance History tab so that all reporting is accurate. thank you

I would, that way any way you slice your net worth in the future it would always be correct.

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