Robinhood transactions and balances are incorrect

I have a brokerage account with Robinhood and All stock purchases(Buy) and sales(Sell) when downloaded to Tiller from Robinhood show as positive or credit to the account. Also Robinhood Margin is being treated as positive/credit and gets added to the Balance and messes up the daily Balances and Balance History sheets.

Have submitted multiple support tickets and each time all tickets have been closed by support saying this is a data feed connection issue and Tiller does not have any control our this.

The other option which was suggested by Support was to use Autocat. Autocat doesn’t work as I can’t see any way to differentiate buys and sells. They all look the same. Also Margin balance never shows up in the Transaction sheet but somehow just gets added to the Balances. One more thing which i have observed is that Balances in the Popup windows when Refreshed from tillerhq seem to be correct but the Tillerhq console after Closing the Refresh popup still shows incorrect balances.

Has anyone else has seen this issue? Any workaround/suggestions will be much appreciated.

I think what we were saying is that there was an alert listed for Robinhood and we have a strict policy that we don’t escalate any type of issue to our data provider if there is an active alert that’s not “user action required” type of alert.

However, I see that the alert has cleared (who knows for how long) so you may want to write back in so we can investigate further. Just double check there isn’t an active alert before writing back in about it.

I’ve been having a sort of similar issue for a while now with Robinhood where it’s logging basically every transaction as a positive value, regardless of whether it’s a debit or credit. For instance, one line item will be a cash dividend and is a positive value, which makes sense. But then the following transaction is the automatic reinvestment of those dividends into the same stock, which is also positive despite being a purchase. So often it will end up way overstating the amount I’m spending in this category.

There is currently an outage on Robinhood so we aren’t able to escalate any connection errors or data quality issues.

If the issue persists after the outage is resolved I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at