Excel Foundation Template customization advice

While I’ve had my TillerHQ subscription for about a year, I am starting to integrate the spreadsheet and info into my standard budgeting workflow. One of the big questions I have is about customizing the TillerHQ Foundation Template. If the template is updated to include new information, is that something that will automatically be updated or will that require that I set up a new spreadsheet and migrate\import data? For several reasons (similar but not exact results in searching the community, my knowledge of excel, and realizing that auto-updates would be unwelcome to some), I can understand how and why this would not work. Still, I wanted to get some validation before customizing the “core” spreadsheets internals for my use case.

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You can add all the extra sheets you’d like without a problem. On the existing ‘core’ sheets, you can’t change the names of the sheets, or the names of the existing columns, but you can add additional columns (but you probably can’t use formulas in them due to the use of Tables). There is currently no function that will ‘update’ the sheets beyond adding transactions, account information and balance history.

I think you are asking, @TimFromFL, about future Tiller enhancements to the formulas in the template worksheets themselves, right? There are no imminent changes to the Excel Foundation Template. Your core data will be in the Transactions and Balance History sheets and will not require updates or migrations. If you make extensive changes into the guts of the Tiller-created sheets (e.g. Monthly Budget), you may need to decide if you want to keep your modified version or upgrade… but, again, no updates are imminent.

Another option would be to build your new workflows into standalone worksheets that integrate with the Foundation Template for a more modular approach.

Thanks @randy and @jpfieber I would have marked you both as answers but I could only select one. I was thinking of going the separate workbook route for my customizations like you said @randy to keep things as modular as possible

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Excel question here → Would a way around the adding columns with formulas (on the Transactions sheet) be to import the Trans sheet into Power Query, add columns there and export the result as a table?
As a side note, I discovered that if you add columns w/ formulas to the Trans sheet, when you update the sheet it calcs everything except the top row.

I’m sure you could do that, but it would end up on a new sheet and would be ‘read-only’, so using Power Query isn’t even necessary. You could just use a filter formula on a new sheet to pull in what you want, and add the other columns as you like to that.

Thanks Joseph. I’ll give that some thought and experimentation. I was there for most of the Webinar on Thursday. Your budget plan looks to be fabulous. Thank you for your efforts on that.



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