Introducing the Tiller Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel

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When we started this year we were already intent on putting energy toward Microsoft Excel. There is definitely untapped potential in this platform, and we recognized the need to level the playing field for our automated financial Excel workbooks.

At one point after Microsoft released Money in Excel last year a Tiller Community member asked, “how will this affect Tiller’s Excel roadmap?” On that day we weren’t quite sure, but after hearing our customers we realized there was still an opportunity to improve and make budgeting and expense tracking even easier in Microsoft Excel.

The obvious place to start was leveling up our Excel offering by releasing some of the capabilities that we offer for Google Sheets that our customers love.


Can I import or copy and paste all my data from my Google sheets “transactions” tab over to the Excel file? I have data going back 10 years.

When we will get a Savings Budget template for Excel, for envelope budgeting?

Thank you so much for prioritizing this! I’m looking forward to time savings from budgeting in the app that is more familiar/comfortable.

Hi @DIGS, you can copy/paste yes but just be careful to review the column order as they might be different between the version of the sheet you’re using for Google Sheets and this new template in Excel.

@pnorton, we don’t have envelope budgeting for Excel on our roadmap currently.

@ajd1923, you’re welcome!

I think that is a solid business move. I grew up with Excel and chose Tiller as it advertised Excel capability. I have migrated off of desktops/laptops to use an IPad with keyboard as my sole device. I had hoped to find Tiller would work with Excel for IPad, needless to say it was glitchy, not workable.
I learned enough of Sheets to make Tiller my go to for my financial tracking needs, as I think you have a great product.
Retired IT professional and CIO,

@Heather, Curious if you can share some of the Excel roadmap, either here or as a blog follow-up? Envelope budgeting is pretty important to me, but if it isn’t on the schedule, I’ll likely cobble something together until someone develops a fully formatted template. Understanding what’s on the roadmap list would help me determine which views I invest time to build out for personal use - ie, without scripts, etc that Tiller and other advanced users are so good at.

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Great progress @heather and Tiller Team!

One question - how can I automate categorizing my transactions? Like the Auto Cat function in Google Sheets?

Cannot download transactions into new template. Received
an “unexpected token<in JSON at position 0”

Will this template work with stand alone versions of Excel or does it require the online subscription model?

Will manual account functionality be added?

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Heather and team, as usual Microsoft does not provide anything for Canadians. Please continue to develop Tiller excel capabilities.
Plus I like supporting small innovative and personable companies like Tiller.

@gene.stiefel, I’d love to learn more about this. Wondering if you use Safari browser instead of the Excel mobile app on iPad if that would work? We haven’t done a lot of testing on Excel for iPad.

@ajd1923 our biggest priority right now re: Excel is AutoCat (@Saus, I don’t have an ETA). Envelope budgeting is not something we have even discussed so I don’t think that would happen anytime soon.

@adekunledauda I think we have a support thread going about this, let’s keep that in the support chat/email channel.

@mail2tom2, our add-in only works with Excel installed via a Microsoft 365 subscription. The template will work in either Excel desktop or Online, but the add-in only works in versions of Excel from M365.

@mjk we hope to offer this capability in the future, but I don’t have a timeline. For now you can manually add Balance History and Transaction entries for manual accounts.

@mc.latimer, can you share more about this? Does the add-in not work because you are outside the United States? I haven’t heard about this limitation.

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I will provide update when I get new Mac, my current 2009 iMac won’t support 365.

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I just finished importing everything from sheets into excel. There are column order differences, so I ended up importing each column individually

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