Excel template on mac has many broken links and #Name population

I setup a the standard excel template on a mac laptop and many areas were broken or needed new formulas.

The Monthly and Yearly Budgets are populated with nothing but #NAME? for the categories and yearly estimates. Balances is entirely #NAME?

All I did was download the template, follow the steps to set it up and that is it.

What has happened here and how do I fix it?

Hi @Conor

It sounds like you’re not using a version of Excel installed via a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The Foundation Template requires that you use a Microsoft 365 version of Excel. If you do have a version installed via a M365 account please make sure that you have installed all available updates for Windows and Office. If you don’t have an M365 subscription and prefer not to get one you can use Tiller with Excel Online and the Foundation Template will work in the browser based Excel Online version.

Here’s more on using Excel Online.