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So, @mgodwin, you resolved this by restoring the sheet? And you believe it broke because you restored/upgraded an upstream sheet (like Accounts)?

Just checking in…

My simple business p&l report is still messed up. I already posted about this and was told it is a known issue regarding bugs about the dates causing some amounts to be reported in the wrong monthly column. Please provide an update as to ETA. I wish this was getting higher priority. I rely on this alot and have been handicapped for at least a month and it has me very frustrated. A p&l report is pretty important when trying to do anything related to finance, right? I really love tiller but i found myself spending some time today looking at other tools. Please advise. Thanks, Blake

Hi @Blake,

We transitioned the P&L reporting functionality to the Tiller Labs add-on last week to address this issue. (It’s also still available in the Tiller add-on, but due to timezone issues some users are encountering this bug in Tiller Money Feeds sheets).

Give it a try and let us know if it’s working for you.




My initial review says it looks good. I will let you know if I have any issues.



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@Blake, great idea! We were just discussing that on Tuesday and were thinking a dedicated topic in the community might work because customers could engage with the information and reply/ask questions.

In the Category Tracker sheet, cells B6 and E6 should refer to the range starting at row 7. They currently start at row 8, missing the first row when summing.

Thanks for letting us know! We’ll take a look and push an update to this sheet when we’ve verified and fixed.

Thanks @galatic_incipient,
You are correct. That formula is missing row 7.

We have fixed it and the update is now available in the Tiller Labs Add-on. Go to Manage Solutions and update your sheet from Category Tracker v2.00 to 2.01.