Feedback & Bugs for Tiller Labs Add-on

In the Tiller Quick Insights, the # of Transactions imported is off by 1. Looks like it is incorrectly linking to cell c3 instead of c2.

Great catch, @Misken. I just updated the master.
Thanks for reporting this.



I’m trying to update the Quick Insights sheet to the new version but the Tiller Labs add-on won’t let me click on “Manage Solutions”. I can click on everything else in that menu (“Add a Solution”, “About Solution”, etc.).

Please help!

Sorry about that. A recent change had a permissions issue. I think I just fixed it. Can you try again, @misken?


Works now! Thank you.

Super. Glad to hear it.

I just did some updating and my Balances sheet doesn’t work anymore. I’m not sure exactly which update did it, but is there maybe a known bug that causes the balances sheet to not populate?

Sometimes if you update/restore a sheet that other sheets refer to, the “downstream” sheets need to be restored as well, @clomok. Try using the Tiller Labs add-on to restore the Balances sheet.

@heather @randy

Updating to add Randy - it’s been 3 weeks since I originally posted, added Heather last week, and I still see no response.

In comparing the Tiller Quick Insights Top 10 Descriptions by Frequency to Yearly Insights Top Expenses, I am seeing different “Totals” for a couple of my Descriptions.

I have the Quick Insights Transaction Analyzer set for all accounts for this year (2020).

I have the Yearly Insights sheet set for 2020 sorting categories by total.

The Yearly Insights Top Expenses correctly captures both charges and credits (returns) to a specific Description (payee).

The Quick Insights Top 10 Descriptions by Frequency appears to only capture charges to the same specific Description (payee).

If I sort my Transactions sheet by Description and count the number of entries for the 2 Descriptions reporting different totals, I can see that the Quick Insights sheet is not using all the transactions for the set time period. It is only using “charges”, making both the frequency count and the total inaccurate.

For instance, I went to “Store A” and spent $100 on clothing. I later returned $25 of that clothing to “Store A”. I have 2 transactions for “Store A” in my Transaction sheet. Quick Insights shows 1 “Store A” transaction for $100. Yearly Insights shows $75 for “Store A”. I believe that the Yearly Insights calculations are the correct ones.

Thanks for checking into this.

I updated my Quick Insights solution to 1.03 and the “Feeling Stuck? Review the Help tab below” link doesn’t work.

When I click on it, I get a message at the bottom of the screen stating: “Cannot open the link because the linked sheet is deleted”.

I just did a “Restore Sheet” and I’m getting the same error when trying to click the “Feeling Stuck?” link.

Ah, this is a good call out, @Scott.t. It might be that you started with the Foundation template before the Help sheet was available so now that you’ve restored you’re getting the latest version of Insights from the Foundation Template that references the help sheet.

You can access it here:

I’m not sure if this is what you were suggesting, but I:

  1. Opened the linked spreadsheet
  2. Right-clicked the “Help” tab across the bottom
  3. From the right-click menu I chose “Copy to” and selected “Existing Spreadsheet”.
  4. I then chose my Tiller budget spreadsheet.
  5. I verified that my Tiller budget spreadsheet has a Help tab, and I renamed the tab to just be “Help”.

I then tried going to the Insights tab and it still tells me the linked sheet is deleted. Do I need to update the url that link’s referring to to instead refer to my own help tab’s address?

If so, is that just what’s after the # in the URL when I click on my Help Tab?

I’m sorry I missed this earlier, @martha.rudkin.
Give us a few days to try to reproduce this issue and develop a solution.

Thanks for flagging this and for your patience.

Hi @Scott.t,
I followed the steps you detailed above and I had the same issue.

I believe what’s happening is the new “Help” tab in your Tiller Budget Spreadsheet uses a different gid than the link in cell B12 of the Insights sheet.

To fix, open the Help tab in your Budget Spreadsheet. Look at the full URL. At the very end, it should say #gid= and then a number. Copy the number part. Click on the Feeling stuck cell, B12 in the Insights sheet. Paste the gid number you copied over the existing gid number. Then the link should work.


Hi @martha.rudkin,
Thanks for alerting us to this issue. I have been able to reproduce the issue and I’m pretty sure I understand what is causing the issue.

In the query, it is set to only look at Transactions where the Amount is less than 0. But I agree with you that charge-back (or positive amount transactions to expense categories) should be included in the transaction count and total.

We are looking into the best way to fix this problem so it doesn’t cause any other unintended side effects.

As a quick fix, you can try removing AND "&P12&"<0 from the formula in H46 and see if the results match.


@jono @randy

Thanks for looking into this for me. I removed the section in H46 that you referenced as a quick fix and it has corrected the problem with my data. Quick Insights and Yearly Insights are now in agreement on total spent for the same Descriptions.

The only new thing that I see as a result of this change is that one of my Income descriptions is now listed in the Top 10 Descriptions list. It is not a problem for me as it is, by frequency, one of my 10 most frequent descriptions. Others may not agree and would prefer to only see Expense categories in this list. The decision on that is totally up to your team - I would be happy with either one.

I just like to see consistent numbers on different sheets that are referencing the same basic data. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your help!

Yes, the Top 10 Descriptions will now list both Income and Expenses if that change is made.

While the title of Top 10 Descriptions doesn’t limit it to just Expenses, I realize some people might expect Expenses only. But including both Income and Expense categories might be helpful too.

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Sorry for the delay here. I believe what you’re seeing is expected behavior.

The “Top 10 Descriptions by Frequency” is only looking at the polarity of charges (positive or negative amount) so it’s not going to net out the amount of the return. It’s built that way because the Insights sheet is intended to give out of the box insights without you needing to categorize anything so the only thing we have to go on is inflow/outflow by polarity.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Sorry for the late response on this, @Scott.t. The URLs to Google Sheets have three parts:

  1. A Google Sheets prefix
  2. A unique spreadsheet ID
  3. A unique sheet ID (for an individual sheet like “Transactions”)

In this example:

The spreadsheet ID is 1dRbEFJTYBZ0Yjz5XUwbFKMaRffDASwmYwVjc1CCckF8.
The sheet ID is 1112833242.

What Heather is saying is that the URL to your Help sheet contains the old Insights template sheet ID. When you replaced it, it changed. To update the hyperlink in your Help sheet, click on the new Insights sheet, copy the URL, and then apply it to the broken URL in your help sheet.

Good luck.

@randy, that’s not what I’m saying :wink:

What I’m saying is that the newest version of Insights has a URL to a help sheet that didn’t exist until the help sheet was default in the Foundation template. @Scott.t likely started with the Foundation template BEFORE the help sheet was there and thus the URL in the Insights sheet doesn’t work because the tab doesn’t exist.