Formula error, duplicate transactions, and citibank unavailable

I got lazy and didn’t use tiller for two months or so. Today, I’ve found three significant problems, and I need some help, please:

  1. In my monthly trends sheet (I may have renamed this from the original sheet - it’s a running 12-month sheet showing actual income and spending with a column for each month), I get this error in the Income line, and it creates #value errors all the way down the columns: “Error SWITCH has mismatched range sizes. Expected row count: 1. column count: 1. Actual row count: 171, column count: 1.” Can I fix this formula or will I need to create a new sheet from a template?

  2. I’m finding in my transactions sheet that there are duplicate transactions from Wells Fargo, and they have slightly different descriptions, so I think it pulled in pending transactions and then duplicated them when they were final. Is this a known glitch?

  3. My Citi credit card is telling me it can’t connect to Citi, and there isn’t any solution suggested. Is there a known issue happening now with Citi?

Thank you!

Welcome back to your Tiller Money spreadsheet, @stevation!

  1. I would try restoring your Monthly Trends sheet using the Tiller Money Labs add-on. There was a change that Google made a few months ago to the SWITCH() formula that broke/affected a few published templates. I think @jono fixed at least one of these templates. (It is possible that the template master has not been updated.)
  2. Yikes. You could try the Manage Duplicates workflow in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.
  3. The latest information about institution outages is here.

Good luck,

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Thanks so much, Randy. I figured out it was the “monthly analysis” solution, and I had renamed it. I reinstalled that solution, made my adjustments to the format/content, and now I’m back in business.

I did find the manage duplicates function in Labs after I first posted, and it helped. I think there are still some duplicates, though, and I need to make the time to find them.

The Citi outage says it’s about stocks, but mine is a credit card. A month is a long time for it to be out! I guess I can try to figure out how to import a CSV or something to get around this for now?

Thanks again,

That’s progress on the first two bullets, @stevation.

Regarding the Citi outage, I’d open a case with the support team using the messenger tool in the lower right corner of the Console at My feeds have been rock solid for years but my primary bank has had a 5 week outage (still going)… so I know how you feel. Hopefully they both will be resolved soon.

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