Foundation "Net Worth" tab not syncing but "Net Worth Snapshot" and "Balances" tab working fine

My net worth tab isn’t updating a few accounts (house and mortgage) that I recently sold and lowered to $0. The net worth snapshot and balances tab are showing the correct info ($0 for these two) but the net worth tab is showing them at their prior level before I manually updated the balances to $0.

Any ideas what might cause that and how to fix?

Hi @patrick.ryan.rudy - I’d recommend reviewing the Balance History sheet and make sure it’s sorted by the Date column Z>A so newest to oldest and that your newest entry for those accounts is reflecting the $0 balance.

Thank you Heather. I tried that but the issue persists. Any other ideas for how to fix?

You could also try using the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on to restore the Net Worth template. It’s possible that the formula ranges got mangled at some point.