General updating issues this morning

I’m hitting some issues this morning. The console not updating totally. Some accounts just stuck on refresh. Accounts that have refreshed are not filling the sheet in entirely - balance updated but not transactions. I’m sure (hope) it’s a short lived glitch but I thought I’d mention in case anyone else hits it and needs sympathy :slight_smile:


@susandennis I didn’t have any problems with refreshing the console this morning aside from some long-standing account issues, but I didn’t have any of my newly-posted transactions fill in either, only my balances. We can start the pity party! :sweat_smile:

Ohhhh! Interesting! Thank you. It didn’t dawn on me that it was me because I got the same result on two different computers. Time for some more better troubleshooting on this end. OOOOr maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow and see if it fixes itself. Thanks so much for chiming in.

And I always love a good pity party!!

I also didn’t get any of my recently posted transactions this morning.

Ok, some progress. On the console, I redid all the credentials and each and every account refreshed completely. So that part is fixed!

The actual fill in of the sheets is still having an issue. The balances are correct but the transactions to backup those balances are missing.

Weird but I’ll try again tomorrow. At least I know exactly what’s missing,.

ohhh!! maybe not just me?? Thank you!

I’m also seeing issues this morning. Some of the account refreshes are just spinning endlessing (Chase, Citi, BoA), and no transactions are downloading. I have a bunch of month-end transactions that have not downloaded this am.

so not me. after all!! whew.

Thanks @susandennis ! We were a little slow to catch this one. Definitely ping us via chat first thing if this happens so we can start investigating right away. We prioritize issues/conversations that come through via chat first and may not even have a chance to review/respond to community topics on some days.