Hard Limit on Number of Accounts in a Sheet?

I am a new user, currently trying out Tiller to see if it will meet my needs. The main reason I am interested in using Tiller is for account management purposes and (naturally) to track finances. However, while getting setup, I have run into what appears to be a limit but I have not found reference to this limit anywhere.

Basically I currently have 54 accounts with a total of 104 subaccounts linked into my sheet at this point. However when I look at my “Accounts” tab, I only see 100 of my subaccounts listed. Similarly when I look at my “Balances” tab, only 100 of my linked subaccounts are listed.

So I am wondering if there is a hard limit of 100 subaccounts linked to a sheet, or if perhaps I am missing something. Has anyone run into this or seen this before?

Edit to add the following: I dug around a bit in the “Accounts” tab. After unhiding the hidden cells I do see "Account ID"s populated for all my missing accounts (remainder of linked accounts and all of my manually added accounts). It looks like the other fields on the 101th account are populated up to the “Class BH” but nothing beyond that point for that account, and no fields other than the “Account ID” is populated for the remaining accounts. I still have no idea how to fix it/what the issue is though.

Hi @Toad,

This is actually a common issue with lookup columns in the hidden areas of sheets. The formula is usually only extended a hundred or so rows out, so a large number of entries, in your case accounts, will cause the tail end to be cut off. The best solution is to extend the lookup formulas out as many rows as you need and then some. For the Accounts sheet, you will want to extend the Unique Account Identifier column F and Account column H. Note that there may be other sheets with the same issue, so keep examining the hidden areas and look for missing formulas where lookup data appears to be cut off.


As @cculber2 explains, @Toad, there is no hard account-number limitation in the Tiller Money Feeds service or in the templates. That said, for performance and usability reasons, we typically build our templates for up to 100 accounts (and up to 200 categories). If you have more than 100 accounts (or 200 categories), @toad, you may need to expand rows and formulas in the visible & hidden areas to meet your needs.

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Perfect, this is what I needed. Thanks very much @cculber2 for getting me sorted. Also thanks @randy for confirming - makes sense to limit it initially to 100, I know I am a fringe case and most other solutions I have looked at so far have a hard limit. Very glad to know this is not the case with Tiller Money.


@Toad from one fringe case, to another, I’m glad you were able to get things working again! :slight_smile:

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