Only seeing 5 accounts per institution in Excel beta

Brand new user, please bear with me.
Connected my first institution to tiller. On the web site “Account Summary”, it shows all 10 accounts at that institution. But in excel, only 5 accounts are listed, and it appears I am unable to import transactions from the other 5 accounts. Am I missing something? Or this is a restriction of the free trial, or ??

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Ah, found an answer to my own question.
From the side bar in Excel, only 5 accounts were visible to be imported, but from the tiller console (on the web), I was able to see a list of accounts that were imported into my excel spreadsheet (as a pulldown from the spreadsheet itself, once it was linked to my tiller account). From there, I was able to add the additional accounts to the spreadsheet, and then the next update imported data from all the accounts. Problem solved (although it seems like the Excel side bar really ought to have had some indication of how to import the additional accounts, even if it was only a pointer back to the web site).


Glad you got things figured out!!