How do I add a manual transaction (cash expense), that is not affiliated with any online transaction?

I am currently just adding an empty line and fill in the data under the “transactions” tab, but is there another way to do this?

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:wave:, @chetan47.

That is a good way to do it. We have this guide on the help center about tracking cash transactions.

I do the same thing as you, insert a blank row on the transactions tab. So that you do not have to remember all of your cash transactions, I have a cash spending sheet on my phone that links up to a cash tab in my Tiller sheet. When you spend cash, you take 10 seconds of time and enter in the data to your phone and it auto populates the cash tab. At your convenience, view the cash tab in Tiller and transfer the information to the transactions tab as you already do. I set this up long ago but Heather can direct you to an information guide as to how you can set this up for yourself. I have the cash spending tab on my wife’s phone too.

That’s a great idea. One thing it will still lack, is the “account” tab will not auto deduct from a “manual cash account” for what was manually entered on the “Transactions” tab.

So currently, this is what I do:

  1. Update transaction tab with manual entry
  2. Update total value of the “Cash Expense” account that was manually created.

This way I know how much Cash I have on hand and where I spent.

@chetan47 - we still have this documented over on the Help Center for the mobile cash tracking form.

One day we may have a way to update balances based on adding manual transactions directly in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on or perhaps someone in the community will beat us to it :wink:

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Questions - How many of your transactions are cash? How many cash transactions a month? Do you use credit cards? Do you and can you pay off your credit card balances every month? Are you very responsible with your money? Do you have a good credit score? If you want to answer these questions and depending on what the answers are, I may have a few suggestions/ideas that you might be interested in.

@chetan47, if you provide answers I might have some ideas that you might be interested in. If not, that’s fine too. Thanks!

Hi Blake, on average I have about 4-5 cash transactions a month. I do use CC and pay it completely off monthly. I am responsible and with an excellent credit score. I am up for any suggestions.

Expanding on @Blake’s suggestion about tracking cash transactions on the phone:

I set up a Google Form for Cash Transactions that feeds my Cash Spending sheet.
This is much easier than typing into the sheet on the phone.

Here’s some more info on setting up a Google Form:

Thanks @jonorlin. I will try this out. Looks like a better way to manage, as it is hard to remember the transaction if not entered immediately.

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@chetan47, I should have used better terminology but I do exactly what you are saying which is exactly what is described in the article that Heather refers to. Yes, it is a Google Form. Once set up, it only takes about 5-10 seconds to enter in the information. That is why it is so good. The idea is to do the Form at the time of the transaction. If you wait until later, it will never happen. The information you enter into the Form populates into a separate cash tab in your Tiller sheet. Then, at your convenience, you can take that information and do with it whatever you need to. I have this on my wife’s phone. It is simple. If it was not simple, my wife would not do it. It’s seemless, no need for pen and paper, and nobody nowadays is more than 1 second away from their phone. Hope it helps. Thanks.

Glad that’s what you are doing @Blake. Yes, that system works very well.
Very easy to use and remember.

I also have a column in that Cash sheet generated by the form that let’s me know Y/N whether I have added the cash transaction to the main Transactions sheet.

@chetan47, In general, the thought here is to run all your expenses through credit cards to leverage their sign up bonus offers which are paid in points or cash. Be sure to understand the impact to your credit by signing up and cancelling credits cards. I like the ones with no annual fees (or where the fee is waived in the first year). Do not engage in this unless you pay off your total credit card balance every month. I have never ever paid less than the total amount of my monthly statement balance. Of course, you need to spend enough to make this worthwhile to pursue. Refer to the following website, which deals with more than just credit cards. Take a look at the rest of the site to see if anything else might work for you.

An example - About 6 months ago I asked my 25 year old son if he wanted to make $500 by doing virtually nothing. Of course his answer was yes. He has excellent credit. So do I.
So, we both signed up for a Capital One Savor card and we were both approved. The sign up bonus was $500 cash if you spend $3,000 on the card in the first 3 months. We both met the spending requirement and each received our $500.

As always, proceed with caution. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Blake

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I’ve done something similar to this. I have a personal loan and set it up so I have a liability called “Personal Loan” and whenever a transaction is categorized as Personal Loan the value of that transaction is deducted from the balance.

I did this by going in the Balance History tab I added a line with the following information (note that the row this is on is 69, adjust cell references for your row):

  1. Date, Month, and Week are based on the date of the most recent transaction.
    Date =MAX(filter(Transactions!B:B,Transactions!D:D=D69))
    Month =date(year(B69),month(B69),1)
    Week =date(year(B69),month(B69),day(B69)+(1-weekday(B69)))

  2. Account number is just a random number

  3. Account value is [starting value]+sumifs(Transactions!H:H,Transactions!D:D,“Personal Loan”). Check columns referenced because I added some in my Transactions tab. I had to do a little math at the start to back out my starting value because not all the transactions from the life of the loan are in my transaction tab.

I am new to Tiller so probably the next time I make an ATM withdrawal I will set up a “Cash on Hand” account in a similar way that gets deducted from when I mark the account as “Cash”.

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