How do I categorize house down payment?

I just bought a house and the down payment shows up as an expense in my sheets. How is it best handled so that the net worth doesn’t sink :frowning_face:


I would code it as a transfer.

Let’s say down payment is 100,000, loan is 400,000, and house is worth 500,000.

The 100,000 will basically move from asset called cash to asset called house. The 400,000 loan will add 400,000 to house and 400,000 to liability.

Cash decreases 100,000, house increases 500,000, and liability increases 400,000. Everything balances.

You will link the loan to Tiller and add the house as a new manual asset on the balance history tab.




What Blake suggests is exactly what I’d do. The key here is adding the house as a manual account. Update the balance (the value) periodically using the Tiller Money Feeds and your net worth sheet will remain accurate.