How does Tiller handle changes to transaction sheets?

Hi all. I’m new to Tiller and just trying to make sure I understand how things work before I make too many manual changes to the Transactions sheet.

Specifically, I’m curious how Tiller knows not to re-download transactions that I manually delete or replace (e.g. with splits, either manually or with the Tiller split add-on)? Conversely, how does Tiller know not to overwrite rows that I manually add?

Good question, @Ghopper21. The Tiller Money Feeds add-on only adds (new) data. It does not read what is in your spreadsheet nor does it make any comparisons to data you might have changed. It keeps track of what data is new by maintaining a “watermark” for the last-downloaded transaction.

You should feel free to modify you data as you see fit. Be aware that the feeds, however, will not restore changes you make to the original values.

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Thanks! The watermark is stored in the cloud by Tiller? i.e. I can’t inadvertently mess it up on my end?

The watermark is stored in (hidden) Google Sheets metadata. You can’t really screw it up…