Will it cause a problem if I manually correct a transaction amount and then do a subsequent refill of data?

When I first began working with an Excel spreadsheet in Tiller, some of the transaction amounts were wrong (the amounts were account BALANCES rather than TRANSACTION amounts). This happened for maybe 50 records, but the issue has since been resolved; all of my newer records are correct. If I go back now and manually edit the wrong amounts to be the correct transaction amounts, will this cause a problem when I do a subsequent refill of data? Will Tiller undo my corrections? Will Tiller feed in duplicate records with the bad amounts? (I’m not sure how Tiller determines whether a record is new or not and, if new, needs to be filled into the Excel spreadsheet.) Thanks for your help.

You don’t have to worry if you modify the Amount of an existing transaction. Tiller knows it already downloaded that record but doesn’t check if it’s been modified, so it won’t try to ‘correct it’. An example of this is that AutoCat can modify numerous fields in a transaction, and the next time a sync happens, it doesn’t write over those changes. Worst case scenario, a duplicate transaction would be downloaded, since I don’t think the Tiller download engine is designed to do modifications, just additions. Keep in mind that this won’t affect your Balances sheet, it’s only affecting things based on transactions, like budget reports, etc.


As a test, I manually changed the transaction amounts in one of my checking accounts, one of my savings accounts, and one of my credit card accounts. Two or three days have passed since then with multiple transactions being filled into my Tiller-Excel spreadsheet. None of the three edited amounts were changed in the process; all amounts remained just as I had edited them. Also, no “duplicate” transactions were added. I’m going to close out this question and claim a Solution since I am now satisfied that my concerns were unfounded. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t creating a big mess by manually editing (updating) 50 records in my spreadsheet–manual edits should be OK. Thanks to all who read this.

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