Major Tax Issue with Tiller Excel Spreadsheet!

I am a paying customer of Tiller and I was just informed by my accountant that the data that Tiller has been populating is inconsistent and incorrect. The issue is that many of the transactions that were downloaded are not in the correct debit or credit +/- format. Some are right. Some are wrong.

It’s clearly obvious when you spot check that an AMEX charge for gasoline was an increase in my AMEX liability to that credit card. However, there are some transactions that show this as a (-) and some without that as a (+). I have never received a refund for gasoline, so I know that this is not all correct. This is a real mess!

Was this a known issue? Is there a fix? I’m not able to re-download the transactions because I have 3500 records from last year and all were post edited in the category and note memo columns after download. Nor am I able to fix them because I do not know which were truly actual debits, charges or credits in not all, but most cases.


I have never used Excel with Tiller and do not know what happened to get you where you are at right now but I have some thoughts as to how to fix things.

I would export your AMEX account data out of AMEX into a CSV or Excel file. I assume 99+% of the data is charges (assume -) and everything else is the rest (assume +). The rest would include your credit card payments (lets assume once a month) and any refunds posted back onto your card (assume these would be purchased items that you returned).

So lets assume that export file shows that you have 12 +'s (representing credit card payments) and lets say another 12 (assume one per month) +'s representing refunds from returned purchases.

Sort your Transactions sheet by account so all the AMEX transactions are together. Sort it to match the sort of the export file. Then change all Tiller amounts to - . Then locate the 12 payments and 12 refunds in Tiller and change them to + .

This is a manual process for sure but should go pretty quickly I would think.

Good luck.


Hi @billymitchellg,

If you can reach out to us at with some specific transaction IDs for transactions that you know are incorrect we can see if there is something that went wrong with the data feed or what’s going on there.

You can find the Transaction ID in a far right column in your Transaction sheet. You may need to unhide some columns in the sheet by clicking the small arrows that will appear when you hover over the right side edge of the last visible column letter.