How my Vanguard password is handled by Tiller's site?

For my other accounts, I can see that Tiller uses Yodlee, and I understand that Tiller doesn’t get access to my username/password. But for Vanguard, it appears that I’m typing my password into the Tiller website. Is there any documentation on how Vanguard credentials are handled by Tiller? Thanks!

Hi @paskin thanks for your question. Many banks are moving to open banking, which we fully support and Tiller has been a pioneer in adopting (we were Yodlee’s first deployment of open banking). Open banking takes you to your bank site directly where you can login and then consent to giving read-only access to Tiller.

Other financial institutions, like Vanguard, haven’t yet deployed open banking. These banks require sharing credentials as you experienced. When this happens, you are securely sharing your credentials with Yodlee, not Tiller. Tiller never sees nor stores these credentials.

We chose Yodlee because they are trusted by most of the major US banks (and audited by many of these banks as well). For example, Vanguard specifically trusts Yodlee and uses them for aggregation. If you want to feed in balances from other non-Vanguard accounts to your dashboard, you can do that using Vanguard’s deployment of Yodlee’s services.

Hope that helps. Thanks for chiming in here in the Community!