How secure is OneDrive for financial data e.g. Tiller for Excel

I have seen a lot of folks mention that they use OneDrive for their financial spreadsheets. I have been pretty hesitant about leaving financial data in the cloud due to concerns about security. The Web is filled with reviews about how safe or not, the cloud is for private information. I am curious what Tiller users think about putting their spreadsheets up in the cloud.

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I generally do not use a cloud service like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Icloud for my personal documents because of the potential scrutiny by the US government. OK, I do use Google Drive only because Tiller uses it extensivly. Good news they are expanding their Excel solutions. I don’t have anything to hide, but just don’t like the idea that the data stored on US based clouds is pretty much available if the US government demands it.
I use a cloud service here in Canada called All of its servers and data residency are in Canada and protected by Canada’s rather strict privacy laws. It’s also a very reliable service.

Thanks, Jim. The reason I have been using OneDrive is that I have a Microsoft 365 subscription so I figured I would stick with one vendor. I had heard about, but had not really looked at it. I liked what I saw when I went out to their site last night. I may give it a try for the Tiller info and then maybe move everything else over in the future if things work out.

Thanks again for you help.

Hi, works great with Tiller and you can use it with Microsoft 365 (I do).
It’s one of the best and most reliable I’ve seen.
If you want some extra storage space for free, you could sign up with this link:
Sync | Secure Cloud Storage, File Sharing and Document Collaboration
I’ll get an extra GB of space and so will you.

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Hi Jim,
Sorry for the delayed response. Things have been rather hectic at this end. Thanks for the link. I have decided to hold off doing anything with Tiller and the cloud for the time being. Until I get a lot better with Tiller/Excel I am just going to keep things on my local pc.