How to deal with brokerage account transfer

I have accounts at Ameritrade that are being transferred over to Schwab because they bought them out. I need to replace the Ameritrade accounts in my sheet with the new Schwab accounts. How is the best way to do that? Do I remove all the Ameritrade accounts and then just add Schwab? Or will that create a bunch of duplicate information?

There are 2 ways you can handle this depending on what you prefer

Both will need to wait until your connection and data is flowing in from schwab before you can make any changes.

The first being change the old account entries to show up as the new account like it was always schwab this would entail finding all balance history entries through a filter on that sheet and updating the account, institution, and account id, to match the new schwab account. (Same process if there are tranactions on the transactions sheet with account name and account id and institution) This will keep all history under one account and is probably the cleanest option.

The 2nd option would be to leave the aneritrade information alone and possibly add a closing entry for balance showing zero. This would give you the ability to distinguish between the institutions.

Here is the guide for more detailed steps on merging accounts

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bentyre1, I am in the same situation, and I used your second option (leave old info alone except for creating a new Balance History record setting the balance to zero); then setting up the new Schwab account in the Tiller console and adding that account to the spreadsheet. The only problem I encountered was that in the first download to the spreadsheet, the Schwab account pulled in two months’ worth of transactions that had already previously been downloaded as TD Ameritrade transactions, so that those were now all duplicated. after removing the dupes, all was good.

I did the same, but since every transaction in my brokerage account is effectively a “transfer” I just left the duplicates. Didn’t really matter. I created a new category of account for closed accounts so they are separated from everything else on the balance sheet.

I see. My situation was a little different because I use the feed through Tiller to track all of the interest, dividends, buys and sells from my brokerage accounts in detail, using a portfolio tracking sheet that I created and added to my Tiller workbook. So in my case, duplicates did matter. In any event, not a major problem.

In my tiller configuration, am I supposed to delete the old TD Ameritrade account? What does that do for the historical transactions saved within Tiller, eg, when I create a new sheet and want to populate all transactions. I don’t see a way to just indicate it is closed in the Tiller dashboard.

Yes if it’s no longer an active account it will be fine to delete it from the console. No new data will be brought in anyways if it is closed from the institution so it would just clutter up things.

All historical entries of transactions and balance history will remain in your spreadsheet independent of the console unless you also want/ need to delete them as well. (I’m not real sure of a reason to do this, but it is an option.)

This historical data will only live in that spreadsheet unless manually copied into a new one if that’s what you want to do.

I have also have accounts that were transferred from TD Ameritrade (TDA) to Schwab. I deleted the TDA accounts from the ‘Balance History’ tab but they continue to show up on the ‘Balances’ tab (with old pre-transfer balances). I have deleted them on the ‘Balances’ tab but they reappear. (The TDA accounts have also been removed from the Tiller Console.) How do I remove them from the ‘Balances’ tab?

You need to make an entry on the Balance History tab for each account showing a zero balance. This won’t delete the account from the Balances tab, but it will make it show a zero balance. I just created a category for closed accounts on the Balances tab so that I can shift any closed accounts there, as I don’t want to lose the historical balances in those accounts in my other data.

I ended up changing the Account, Account #, Account ID, and Balance ID on the Balance History tab from the TD Ameritrade values to the new Schwab values. That fixed my ‘Balances’ tab.

I’ve only been using Tiller for a few weeks, so there weren’t a lot of TD Ameritrade rows on the Balance History tab, and I don’t care about having the name correct if I do look back at history.

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Care to share a template of your portfolio tracking sheet? I would like to see how you incorporated your investments with Tiller