How will adding the "The Import CSV Line Items workflow" impact existing Amazon transactions?

I am working to catalog 2022 transactions, many of which are already existing in my sheet—including Amazon transactions. If I add the “The Import CSV Line Items workflow”, will it duplicate my existing Amazon transactions? Should I delete any existing Amazon transaction before activating the add-on? The same goes for Venmo, PayPal transactions.

Sorry for the delay @hbwilliams22.

If you already have the transactions in your spreadsheet, but use the CSV import tool to re-import them (Venmo and PayPal specifically) and you import them from a date range that overlaps what’s in the sheet, then yes, you would get duplicates.

As far as the Amazon line items, I don’t think those would have duplicates in the sheet because the Amazon purchases are generally not itemized when pulled in from Tiller’s automated feeds.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.

OK thanks. A short instructional video would be helpful. The current docs are quite long and a little confusing…

The versions of the Amazon transactions that are already in your sheet— where did they come from? Did you enter them manually?

No the Txns that are in my sheet now are the total bundled Txn from my credit card that’s tied to my Amazon account.

So those are just the bundled charges with no line-item detail or categorization?

That is correct. I have not imported individual Amazon items via the CSV importer.

This is the expected start-state for the workflow. You can see in the docs that the bundled original charges are washed out with the “offset” transactions and the line items remain for discrete categorization.