Tutorial Video request : Can you do a video on importing Amazon CSV Line Item Import tool?

@randy / @heather - any chance of a help/tutorial video on Amazon CSV Line Item Import tool?

I have seen the wiki article on this topic - its just that I have so many of Amazon line items that I am just a little concerned if I will mess up - seeing it visually along side reading the content would just be a bit more reassuring.

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We don’t have a demo (yet). Sorry, @wizavi.

The addon doesn’t do anything destructive with your data, it just adds new rows. You should be able to easily remove the new rows with a filter then a delete operation if you aren’t happy with the changes.


Here’s some tricks I used early on when I felt just like you do… omg, my transactions will be all screwed up!

I always made a copy of my Tiller Sheet just in case and then…

First, I categorized my Amazon buys with a category of ‘Amazon’. Then, once I get the CSV, I make these selections:

Then, when I hit the button, the result is my transaction sheet with ONLY the new adds showing.

Then, I color fill the lines.

And fill in my categories.

Next, I turn off the filter to get to my full translations.

Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 7.41.36 AM

And now I can easily spot the changes that the importer made.

Early on, when I screwed stuff up, it was really easy just to go in and delete or fix the added (colored) lines.

I was so hesitant and afraid of screwing stuff up in the beginning. But, now, I no longer even color the lines. I, too, support Amazon fully with nearly every one of my nickels :slight_smile: so the importer is probably one of the most important parts of Tiller for me.

If you break your sheet, go back to the one you saved and try again. I have a folder called Tiller Backups. It’s a safety net that has saved me from my own experimentation many times.


I like your colored rows approach. Makes filtering really visual and dependable.
Great process and writeup, @susandennis. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks @susandennis for the suggested best practice very helpful.

@randy - with Filter purchases after import setting set I clicked “Add to transactions sheet” button and following Susan’s suggestion, I added the color and started adding categories to transactions - as I have a lot of small transactions (~500) or so - it was taking a very long time to cross check some of the items with Amazon order history to remind myself what the item was eventually I was tired half way in and went to bed - hoping to complete the work today.

:frowning: did some this morning additions of categories this morning and don’t know what happened - just now when I about to start, saw a dialog saying “Unable to load file” and lost the preview state - not sure if there is some state that I lost?

The categorization I have been doing so far still seems to be there.

If you just lost access to the filtering, you can recreate that easily. Just setup a new filter that filters on the word “amazon” in the Metadata column. If you have lots of new Amazon transactions and want to show just the latest tranche, also filter on Date Added. Make sense?

I don’t know whether it’s because I live in Canada as opposed to US but I cannot find any place on amazon.ca where I can download my transactions for it or whatever my Amazon purchases. I read somewhere that that’s only available for sellers on Amazon.does ayone know if that is correct? I would appreciate any information you have because like many I have multiple purchases that would make my life easier to categorize this way.

Yet another snub of Canada. First the Blue Jays, now you. It’s called the Order History Report and while it does look like something similar is available for Amazon sellers in Canada, I found a couple of mentions that it’s not yet a feature for regular Amazon buyers. Sorry. On the up side, you guys are healthier!

Thanks Susan that’s pretty much what I was coming to the conclusion