HSA Investment Accounts

Hi all - was curious for anyone tracking an HSA who also invests their residual HSA cash until needed, how does an HSA investment account get handled? Does Tiller create a new account ID when you roll funds into the brokerage account or does it all stay in your original HSA account from a Tiller reporting perspective? Trying to anticipate any changes to my workflow. Thanks!


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Here’s how it works for me:

-I have two accounts in my HSA that are nicknamed “HSA-Spending” and “HSA-Investment.”
-Tiller downloads balances for both, but it does not have a separate account number for Investment.
-Tiller downloads transactions for Spending, but it does not download transactions for Investment.

As a consequence, here’s my monthly HSA workflow:

  1. Using the Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator sheet, I generate an initial transaction (debit) for my monthly HSA contribution.
  2. That same amount shows up automatically as a credit to my HSA-Spending account when I sync my account.
  3. That same amount then shows up automatically as a debit when it leaves HSA-Spending to go to HSA-Investment. (I pretty much move all of my HSA money now into the investment account.)
  4. To close the loop, I create a manual transaction that is a credit to the HSA-Investment account since the transactions for HSA-Investment don’t seem to sync for me.

I categorize (1) as HSA Contributions so I can track those if I really want to. (2), (3), (4) are all categorized as HSA Transfers. If I wasn’t moving all of the monthly amount from Spending to Investment, I suppose I might want a different category for those transactions.

I wish I didn’t have to do (4) manually, but it’s one transaction a month so not a huge deal.

Awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this. You mention there are two accounts but with the same Account ID. When you set up the investment account, did Tiller create the second account automatically but then just start sending its balance but with the same original Account ID as the cash HSA account or did you have to do something to split them out?

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My recollection is that it created the two accounts on its own. To clarify, though, in my Balance History sheet:

-The two accounts have different Account IDs.
-HSA-Spending has an Account #.
-HSA-Investment doesn’t have the same Account #. It has no account number. The cell is blank.

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Great - thanks again. Having different Account IDs will work well for me because I use that field like a primary key.