Importing Amazon Items CSV With Only Header and Single Item Filters to Zero Items

I have an interesting edge case with importing Amazon Items CSV data. When there is only a single item in the CSV export, the import utility correctly detects 1 new purchase, but the filters see 0 purchases, thus I cannot add the purchase to my Transactions sheet.

The date of the single transaction in the attempted import is 1/2/2021. I’m wondering if there is a bounding issue with the filter logic when there is only a single date, or possible when there is a date range of only one date. I do notice on my successful imports that the # of New Purchase and Filters Purchases always differ by 1, so it may be a counting issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on why a single transaction import might not be picked up?

To update, here is the importer dialog when there are two transactions in the CSV file. Note that the top states 2 new purchases, but the Filters section says 1 purchase.

Both are successfully added, however.
I hope that gives enough information to investigate.

Just keeping this topic alive to see if anyone else has seen this behavior. @randy? I noticed it again when importing January’s purchases.

Hey @cculber2! I’m sorry I missed this earlier…

I could imagine the bug you were talking about with a single line item not falling within a date range filter with the same start & end dates… but I’m not seeing that. I deleted all but one rows from one of my CSVs and the result looks good:

As for your Jan 8 example, I think that can happen if you have two purchases under a single order. That should register as 2 purchases with just one offset. Do you think that is what happened?

I’m happy to dig deeper if these problems persist. Right now I just don’t have enough info to reproduce them.


Hey @randy, I ran into another case where the CSV importer does not allow transactions to be added. Take the below refund sheet:

Like my case from back in January, these are two returned items from a single order on a single date. When I upload the CSV, this is the result:

Note that the Add to Transaction Sheet button is grayed out.

I hope that gives you something to go on. Thanks!