Introducing the new Tiller Console

Like the new Tiller console.

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Where is my “Net Worth” Summary spreadsheet on the new Tiller Console?

If you click on the linked spreadsheet at the top of the page, you get a dropdown and then click on open and you will be in your spreadsheet and you can go to your networth tab.

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@heather, the new console looks good!!

I love the feature added to display the last known balance of each Account.

But, it would be great, if we just mask the balances by default and have the values displayed upon selecting a toggle button.

Specially, when we explain someone else about Tiller, I don’t want to show them my actual balances.

I’ve added a topic in the Feature Request for the same.
Hope this is a simple enough feature to add!!


Love the new console! Is it possible to display loan/mortgage/credit card as negative balance?

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Agree the new console works well. Also want to agree that balances don’t need to be on here, my POV - console is for making sure that all the data is moving as expected and there are no hold ups. Target spreadsheets are for seeing the data, console is more for monitoring and managing.
A feature to hide values on console would be great.

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We’ve got this feature request prioritized and hopefully we’ll be able to push the ability to toggle those balances on/off soon!

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Love the new console, looks great!

I hope this foreshadows further improvements to the console, especially the cumbersome refresh experience.

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Happy to hear that you love the new console @jbkly!

It definitely feels faster, more responsive, and cleaner. Nice to see the balances at a glance too, for those want it. Great work.


The new console it great.

I do not know if it is related, but I’ve had problems connecting to one of my banks the last few month. I had given up, and did a manual import of transactions. With the new console, I tried another “refresh” ready to be disappointed…

But the bank connected once again! I used the balance feature in the new console to confirm that the data was correct. I can’t tell you how happy that made me!

Thanks for all you do…

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That is awesome to hear!! I can’t say that it was due to the new Console or the connection just having been fixed but :crossed_fingers: the new, more modern frameworks we’re using did have an impact on account connectivity.

Thanks for the console refresh.

I’m curious: is it possible to have a “Refresh All” for all the banks, cards, loans we’ve connected to Tiller?

I’m thinking of a way of pressing a single button rather than the refresh button for each feed.

Sorry, @arash.sayadi, but we don’t offer that functionality at this time.

@arash.sayadi thanks for your question. This is something that periodically we get asked about. It’s not a feature we’ll be able to offer at any point because it would violate the way Yodlee, our data provider, expects us to implement refreshes. It’s not supported on their side. Thanks for understanding.

We’ve just released the feature to hide balances! You can toggle those off in the Settings area of the Console by clicking your profile icon in the upper right of the Console.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 3.25.23 PM


I noticed this morning when updating accounts there is a new pop-up screen which requires another click after selecting “refresh”. Is this permanent? I don’t see the point of the new pop-up since in the console one has already selected which accounts should be updated.

Can someone explain this change?

Have the same issue. Could not even refresh.

“Technical error
There was a problem connecting your account. Please try again later. If the issue persists for more than 6 days please reach out to us via chat at

@dminches are you referring to the “save & close” button in the new Fastlink (the pop up) experience?

We just pushed this upgraded version of “Fastlink” yesterday. The “account summary,” where you see your accounts and balances, which I think is where you’re indicating you need to do the extra click. This screen is a especially helpful for new users as it explicitly confirms which accounts we brought in when first adding an institution, and gives the option to uncheck some to not pull data in before it ever makes it into our system, but I can see how it might take getting used to as part of the refresh process if you’re an existing customer.

@adekunledauda can you please write to our support via the chat tool on the Tiller Console regarding the technical error?