Line Item CSV Workflow Hanging on Amazon Orders

Hi all - its my first time trying to use this importer and each time I try it seems to freeze / never finish the initial upload (gets stuck at “Analyzing line items history…”). I’ve waited an hour+ without any success. Any idea of what I might be doing wrong? My Retail.OrderHistory.1.csv file from amazon had over 8K rows, so I removed all entries prior to 2021 and then also removed the panda01 rows getting it down to a more manageable 1,500 rows, but it still getting stuck.

Have you tried it without editing the CSV file?

I have experienced a hang condition like you describe, but the hang only happened when I edited the CSV to remove lines of data. It works if I don’t edit the file.

Thanks for the quick reply Mark! I ended up uploading the file one more time after posting and (of course) it ended up working! Not sure what was holding it up previously, but no issues anymore. Thanks again!

Glad you were able to resolve it, @bens.

For next time… Usually our add-on scripts timeout after less than 10 minutes so if something is still showing a “working” message at that point it is already crashed (due to Google timeouts we cannot control). So no need to wait an hour+.

this is a really important piece of information that should be added to the tiller feeds extension. i’m not sure if it’s because i’m working with an old version in google sheets (doesn’t it update itself?) but this information was not in there. so i let it run overnight. and couldn’t find this thread easily. maybe there needs to be a more obvious note to update your tiller extension for situations like this. just very difficult. and I’m a computer geek who’s used google sheets forever, excel for 30 years, etc.