Missing a transaction. Is it hidden?

I see in my monthly and yearly budget tabs a large Netflix entry. I cannot find that entry in the transaction register. I know what it is and the date, but filtering and sorting for that date or amount do not locate it. In the Insights tab I can see the entry, so Tiller has been aware of it in the past. It was a sale of Netflix stock but somehow is showing in the budget as an inflow. I normally hide the rows for my investment account transactions but I have “unhidden” all rows and still not there. Any help would be appreciated.

Strange. I just tried hiding one of my rows, then selected the entire sheet and did an ‘Unhide Rows’ and noticed it didn’t unhide that row. If I instead selected row 1 and kept dragging down to select other rows, then did ‘Unhide Rows’ it did unhide it. So that was an unexpected behavior for me! If you still can’t see it after trying it that way, perhaps sort by Amount. Make sure any filters are turned off of course!

I did not find the transaction doing the unhide rows (though I selected only the row numbers around the date in question). However, this morning I repeated a filter and chose only my brokerage accounts and happily found the transaction in question and was able to fix my error. Thanks for your prompt response and suggestions.

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