Mobile Dashboard Script

Hi Rich,
That would be fantastic. I learn best when I have something that is already working!

Sorry I meant to say if you are still using my Envelopes sheet, I can share it.

My sheet is heavily based on your ultimate Envelopes sheet. Haven’t changed your base workflow, just added a “dashboard” that is based on what I need to see from Envelopes plus a slew of reports relevant to my needs. I would love to see your appsheet and integrate into my sheet.

Ok, let me figure out how to share it and i will send to your email.


Thanks, Rich
I really want a mobile app, so if you can share it, I’ll do my best to integrate it.

Is there a way to have this dashboard be viewed under a different google account? I want my wife to have access to this on her phone but when providing her the link, it says it can’t pull the page up.

I’m glad you’re giving this solution a try, @ksomers. Have you played with the options on the step on Github that says:

For Who has access to the app, leave the dropdown set to “Only myself”.

Just wondering if anyone has come up with this awesome solution for Mobiles using the Excel Foundation Spreadsheet instead of Google?

I’m not aware of an Excel version, @Ramona, but that is a great idea. As this solution is currently implemented, it leans on the Google scripting environment’s unique ability to serve a web app and share cloud-hosted data… so it wouldn’t be a 1:1 port.

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Ok. Thanks for the reply.

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